Redeemer Bible Church (RBC) is striving to be a healthy church that faithfully preaches the Bible, clearly understands and lives out the life-changing power of the gospel, and is committed to making and maturing faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

RBC is a Bible congregation, committed to proclaiming the gospel and displaying God’s love and holiness to the watching world.

Through the weekly preaching of the message of Jesus Christ, we have seen people come to saving faith, and believers growing mature and fruitful in the faith.

We trust God to continue blessing our commitment to preaching His Word, living it, signing it together, praying it, and seeing it demonstrated in the Lord’s Supper and baptism.

This blog is an extension of our desire to edify one another as a body and tell of the good news to those outside our local body through the different gifts God has endowed on the members, and through the gift of technology.